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Snoop Doggy Dogg - “Over The Counter” unreleased album from 1991! (free download)

Yo! So, we have been feeding y’all some real goodness lately. F’realdoe. The blog has been full of that juicy goodness and this is another amazing find.

This is Snoop Dogg’s “real” debut album. This album was released in 1991, two years before Doggystyle. It was never even pressed onto CD. This is that raw Doggy dog shhh. The quality isn’t great and the production is certainly not Dre, but it’s great to hear Snoop in his real early days. It’s amazing really that almost 20 years later, we can hear what an artist like Snoop sounded like before he was even really “discovered.” You can ask yourself, “would you have signed this guy or thought that he would have turned into the icon/legend he is today?”

Here is my favorite so far:

Snoop Dogg - Letem Understand


1. “Over The Counter”
Produced by Dr. Dre & Warren G
2. “Dogg’s Life” feat. Nate Dogg
Produced By Dr. Dre
3. “Jack’Em” feat. Convicts
Produced By Chocolate
4. “213 Dope Slang” w/Warren G & Nate Dogg
Produced By Warren G
5. “Knokin’ Off Everything” w/3-2 & D.O.C.
Produced By Chocolate
6. “Blast For Cash” feat. Dr. Dre
Produced By Dr. Dre
7. “Let’Em Understand Perfection” w/Foesum
Produced By DJ Glaze
8. “The Message”
Produced By DJ Glaze
9. “211″ feat. RBX
Produced By Dr. Dre
10. “Signed & Detected” feat. Dogg Pound
Produced By Dr. Dre & Warren G
11. “Bank Roll”
Produced BY ?
12. “187″
Produced By Dr. Dre
13. “C.O.C. Kingpin” feat. Kurupt
Produced By Warren G
14. “Welcome To Death Row” feat. Dr. Dre, RBX, Dogg Pound, Bushwick Bill, Convicts, Chocolate, & CPO
Produced By Dr. Dre & Warren G
15. “Do You Remember” feat. George Clinton
Produced By ?
16. “True To The Game”
Produced By DJ Glaze
*Bonus Track - “County Blues”
Produced By Aladdin

Download Here (password below)

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spotted first at THE HIP HOP COLLECTION.

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